The metro is one of the most technically complex industrial facilities requiring the use of advanced solutions in its operation and maintenance.
Tasks such as the commissioning of new rolling stock, replacement of equipment and power supply systems, calculation of traction network energy consumption when planning train movement require effective tools that can improve the quality of passenger service and reduce the financial costs of the enterprise.
The Strela software package is a project tool developed taking into account the pressing problems of metro management.
The complex uses both proven forecasting
and calculation methods, as well as modern approaches to minimizing the influence of the human factor on their results.


The purpose of the software package is to automate calculations of the traction network and the subway power supply system. The complex combines methods for determining the speed of movement of the train, the time of its passage along the stretch, the consumption of electricity for traction of an electric rolling stock, the calculation of indicators of elements of the power supply system and other indicators.

Functions of the Strela

Simulation of the arrangement of trains at the power station with a given interval of movement
Calculation of train time and speed
Calculation of the currents consumed by the train
Calculation of currents on TPS feeders and suction lines
Determination of the maximum voltage drop in the contact rail with indication of the location on the track
Calculation of voltage and power loss in the power supply system of the power station
The Strela software package can be used for calculations both in metro power grids with a voltage of 825 V with specified intervals of movement of electric trains, and in underground high-speed tram power grids with high frequency and regularity of movement.
When creating the Strela software package, the features of modern rolling stock, the organization of traffic on the Russian metro and the need to obtain high-quality calculation results at low cost were taken into account.
Due to the listed factors, the results of the calculations are effective in solving the following tasks:
Automation of calculation processes and minimization of the influence of the human factor on their results
Reducing financial costs when making technical management decisions
Creation of a high-quality forecasting tool that improves traffic safety and passenger service quality
Control of energy savings during the operation of the subway system
reference information
The Strela is adapted to the specifics and features of the Russian metro and meets the regulatory and technical requirements approved for its operation and maintenance.
You can get acquainted with the information on the operation and installation of the Strela , as well as with the operator's manual, by downloading them below.
A full description of the functional characteristics of the software is available upon request.
The cost of the Strela is calculated individually based on the customer's needs in terms of the number of workstations equipped.
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